Fox Brand Logo
"Cunning Brand Ideas
to give you edge"

“There is only one you –

everyone else is taken”

Oscar Wilde

Hello and a warm welcome to Fox Brand Image

We have fun expanding, defining and establishing what your company uniquely has and nailing what is special about your brand

You have A LOT of amazing stuff to say to make you the specialist in what you do – to give you the EDGE and at Fox we distil it out of you, and get you distinctive. We help with brand planning, strategy, structure and creativity to make you the best in your field and importantly we are focussed on one objective


We have many partners to deliver what we have jointly decided for your brand – and we only work with the best graphic designers, website designers, PR, social media experts and video production teams.

Because now in 2018 it’s all about YOU being you – BIGGER, BOLDER and BRAVER than anyone else – that’s what gets you noticed and that’s what people need you to be to make them BIGGER and BETTER

“Too many companies want their brands to reflect some idealised, perfected image of themselves.
As a consequence, their brands acquire no texture, no character and no public trust.”
Richard Branson

""When I first met Nicky, I had put together a business card and a logo that I thought conformed to the rest of the industry, and that’s what people would want to see. She quickly made me realise that I needed to use my personality to form my own brand and that I wasn’t the same as everyone else. I could use my love of cars – she owns a Lotus! – to convey my business and use the colours I liked rather than the pastels that everyone else used. Nicky really helped me pull all the things I love into a punchy 40 seconds, new logo and a whole new brand, which I am really proud of! I finally feel comfortable with being myself and not just what I thought I’d need to be."

From ‘Stony Business Solutions Ltd’ to ‘Supercharge your Business Ltd – We Build Profitable Busineses